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Established in 1986, Brightex Group setup its first company as Brightex Enterprises (presently known as Brightex Pvt. Ltd.) which started as an import / export trade, and has grown and diversified into many different fields, including real estate, cosmetics, healthy food and electronics. The headquarters is based in Hong Kong and the company has a worldwide presence, including, but not limited to USA, UK, UAE, Central / South America, South Korea, Singapore, Bangladesh, India, and Nepal. Brightex Group employs approximately 200 people. Know More









Million Devices sold

the team


Talk about throwback! Nikon gifted Brightex this precious photo taken back in 1989 on the 25th Anniversary of the collaboration between Nikon and Brightex. This photo is taken around the time the partnership came into being with, obviously a Nikon camera!

Brightex came into being due to the futuristic vision of Mr. Ramakant Agrawal, managing director of Brightex Group, the man behind the force, the reason for its long successful existence. With 30+ years experience in the trade, Mr. Agrawal has an incredible apt for identifying market opportunities and identifying the trends of volatility in foreign markets. His ability of building relationships with his clients has helped Brightex Private Ltd. establish such a diversified portfolio.

Mr. Ramakant Agrawal

Managing Director

Mr. Deepak Agrawal

Sales Engineer


18E Gemstar Tower, 23 Man Lok Street

Hung Hom, Kowloon, HongKong 

(T) +852 3962 2200 |  (F) +852 3962 2201

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