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Brightex (Pvt.) Ltd. came into being in 1986 with a futuristic vision to revolutionize the distribution value chain. Brightex is a leading stockist and distributor of electronic products in Hong Kong. Our products includes mobile phones from Sony and Blackview, smart watches from Garmin and gaming products from Microsoft. With its ability to offer cutting-edge products and services, Brightex, within a short span, catapulted to the position of a market leader. 
Headquartered in Hong Kong, Brightex has expanded its global foot-print. Over the years, Brightex has been consistently creating profitability opportunities for its business associates, vendors, carriers and resellers through unique marketing programs, logistical networking, technical support, product aggregation and distribution. Brightex has earned the reputation of the marketplace through strict adherence to proven values of trust & commitment, eventually enriching & touching upon the lives of numerous variegated end-users in so many ways. Brightex came into being due to the futuristic vision of Mr. Ramakant Agrawal, managing director of Brightex Group, the man behind the force, the reason for its long successful existence. Brightex is committed to stay at the forefront of the global marketplace, identifying ways & means to enrich the lives of its end-users.

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